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Einstoffen [aɪ̯nˈʃtɔfn̩] - Verb, the art of clothing; equipping people with cloth.

Trendsetting fashion that always leaves room for a wink. Fair and square. This is Einstoffen.

Since 2008, we create clothes and accessories for cosmopolitan people who value style, yet never lost the ability to laugh at themselves. Inspired by movies, music, art, and nature, we combine what we believe to fit together perfectly: textile and wood, new trends and classic designs, crazy ideas and strict quality consciousness.

From our «Hemden für Helden» (Shirts for Heroes) inspired by iconic movie heroes right down to our sustainable sunglasses: Einstoffen is all about originality. «A bit outside of the norm» is our credo. We dig innovative designs and simple, stylish aesthetics but we always keep one eye open for playful details.

Cosmopolitanism, innovation, Swiss quality, sustainability, fairness in dealing with producers, customers, and business partners, are things we value greatly. We guarantee the quality of our products and regularly check that they are manufactured under fair working conditions.